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If you’re of the mindset that any financial adviser can execute your strategy, we challenge that notion. At First Business, our experienced team focuses on your personal ambitions to grow and preserve your wealth through every stage of life with proven financial planning strategies.

We believe financial planning is a link that brings all the pieces of your ever-changing financial life together, uniting your financial goals with various strategies to achieve them. As your life changes, our process ensures that you will always have a partner focused on your personal wealth and success.

Premium Service

We're known for the high-touch, proactive way we work with you to help achieve your ambitious expectations through every stage of your life. Each of our clients is a unique individual who has objectives that are just as personal. You can trust our experienced experts to help you.

Expert Advice

Markets can be volatile, tax laws are increasingly complex, and personal circumstances change. Trust us to continuously monitor your overall financial outlook and make proactive suggestions based on our expertise and insight.

Proven Success

At First Business, our proven, four-step financial planning process takes you from discovery and goal-setting through implementation and monitoring. It's flexible enough to encompass all your personal objectives.


Successful planning begins with identifying your unique objectives, and then creating a custom, comprehensive long-term wealth plan that addresses these goals. We help our clients prepare for life transitions from sending a child to college, selling a business, buying second home, to living their dream retirement.

Wealth Accumulation

The saving phase — we'll help you determine how much you need to save to achieve your goals, and look at the whole picture, including debt, insurance, and more.

Pre-retirement Preservation

What's my number? Our experts help you figure out when you can retire, what education expenses will look like, assess your healthcare and insurance needs, and plan income sources.


Focusing on our proven strategies to conserve wealth and helping you draft estate plans, our seasoned experts take care of the details while you live the retirement of your dreams.

Legacy Planning

We help create specific plans to allow the efficient transfer of your wealth to the next generation with personal goals and strategies to address your specific family and business situation.

Enlighten 2020 Winter

ENLIGHTEN™ – Winter 2020

Enlighten is a semi-annual magazine from First Business Trust & Investments, the private wealth management team of First Business Bank. In this issue, we bring together our experts to discuss investing and financial wellness.

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