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Your business is as unique as you are, and successfully running it takes a certain ingenuity, hard work, and grit. When we started First Business, we listened to entrepreneurs and business veterans about what was missing from their bank. Sure, they had drive-through access, but their bankers just didn’t get it. There were no proactive, industry connections or experts who shared their long-term ambition. Or even someone who knew their name.

You deserve to work with intelligent, attentive financial professionals who dedicate more time and resources to your business. A typical financial institution our size would have tens of thousands of clients, but First Business is not typical. Our focused approach leads to fewer clients so each receives the quality of service — and personalized attention from top-level decision makers — they deserve. The result? Faster decisions, more connections, and a profitable relationship that lasts.


At the core of our niche business model is our closely held belief that your prosperity is critical to our own success. That's why First Business will always put you first. With services your business needs, industry connections you desire, and dedicated attention, you'll recognize actual value from our partnership for years to come.

Commercial Lending

All our decisions are made locally by honest people who do what they say. You'll never feel like you're dealing with a less-than-reputable bank at First Business, and you'll have access to great rates, equipment finance, SBA loans, and more.

Treasury Management

Treasury Management

Run your business strategically with ease and state-of-the-art banking services that include the latest tools and advice to avoid fraud.

Company Retirement Plans

Company Retirement Plans

Work with retirement plan experts to create savings vehicles targeted specifically for your staff with a robust retirement education program to promote retirement saving to your employees.

Truck Teal

Equipment Finance

Our equipment finance experts develop customized financing strategies with your specific business, cash flow demands, and industry in mind to meet your equipment, tax, and accounting requirements.


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