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Overcoming your customers’ busted budgets and cash flow crunches is a constant challenge. Offering reliable and affordable financing is often the quickest way to close deals, maximizing your time and profitability. 


Meeting your equipment sales goals takes a financing partner who prioritizes rapid decisions, consistency, and flexibility. Working with you behind the scenes, we help you close more deals with our proprietary underwriting process that turns around decisions before you’ve had your first cup of coffee. And our vendor finance experts know your industry, an advantage you’ll appreciate for years to come.

✔ Accounting Changes – Our industry experts delve into the details for your customers to find every advantage for you.

✔ Same-Day Financing – Playing the waiting game increases the chance you’ll lose the equipment sale to another vendor.

✔ Easy Application – We make it as easy as possible with our proprietary underwriting process.

✔ Flexible Terms – Confidently offer options with our various loans, leases, and flexible payment possibilities.

✔ Tax Motivations – Industry-specific advice you need to help your customers and prospects make the right moves.

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The Advantage of Section 179 for Business Equipment Financing

If you buy or finance equipment for your business, you’ll want to be familiar with this part of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code because it could save your business money on important business equipment acquisitions.

Previously, when you’d buy business equipment, the tax code would require you to write it off incrementally through depreciation, sometimes taking several years to recoup the entire cost of the purchase. However, you can imagine that you might make different business decisions if you could see a benefit faster, in the same year you purchased the equipment. That’s the goal of recent changes – to provide more incentive for small businesses to purchase needed equipment immediately.

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