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How Emteq Grew From a Basement to a 100 Million Dollar Company

In just a few short years, EMTEQ (short for Electrical and Mechanical Technologies) became a worldwide leader in the production and supply of innovative aviation products. The founder of EMTEQ believes their entrepreneurial culture and strategic deployment plan were key to their success.

Listen to this podcast for a firsthand story of success from EMTEQ founder Jerry Jendusa and senior executive Paul Schulls. They’ll share the trials and tribulations of how EMTEQ got to be where it is today, and even disclose what they’d do differently if they had to “do it over”. The discussion will include:

  • Creating a vision and mission statement
  • Establishing a culture
  • Getting “unstuck”
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Initiative Deployment
  • Adding Professional Management
  • Talent Development
  • Having the right partners

Jerry Jendusa has been the President/CEO of EMTEQ, as well as the majority shareholder, since its inception and has become well versed and active in all key growth ingredients for successful businesses including strategic planning, leadership development, mergers and acquisitions, sales/marketing, new product launches and finance matters of business operations. After gaining the experience he needed, and with an entrepreneurial drive, Jerry became intrigued about starting up a business and soon started searching for business development ideas and thus created EMTEQ. He has a BBA in Finance from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Paul Schulls is the Chief Executive of Organizational Development, Human Resources and Continuous Improvement at EMTEQ Inc., an innovative global aerospace manufacturer and integrator. Paul’s role entails driving enterprise-level strategic planning, developing the right people to execute the plan and continuously improve the tools and processes used in achieving the plan. These efforts helped propel EMTEQ’s growth from $30m to in excess of $100m. His passion is teaching other entrepreneurs to do the same.


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