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You Gotta Have Faith

No, this is not a religious call to action or a George Michael reference. I started thinking about how ‘you gotta have faith’ in the aftermath of the Badger/Hawkeyes game.…

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Sweat the Details

People always say, “don’t sweat the details,” but I say for business success it’s critical to sweat the details. The details are the difference between adequate service and exceptional service,…

How's Your Economy

How's Your Economy

It’s not about the economy; it’s about your economy. By your economy, I mean your company’s economic situation (as opposed to your personal economic situation which is a whole other…

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Patience A Virtue But Maybe Not In Business

I was recently talking to a fellow business person about hobbies and we discovered we both competed in triathlons. As we talked a bit more, I mentioned that my favorite…

Farms Grow More Than Vegetables

Farms Grow More Than Vegetables

I feel very lucky to live in Madison. One of my favorite hobbies is cycling. I especially enjoy biking this time of year, because within minutes of leaving my house,…

When All Stars Align

When All Stars Align

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh. Whoever has the best team wins. Whether its basketball or business, it’s always the time to be looking to improve your team. If…

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