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Going Above & Beyond: The Client Experience

Written by Brandy Strock, Treasury Management Officer

Recently, a business client sent me a text saying they had a personal emergency. I quickly called to see how I could help. The client was on vacation and needed to get money to their daughter for an emergency car repair. Because they were out of town, they were panicking and I was the first person they thought to call. I’m glad to say I was quickly able to help and the client was delighted that they had someone on their side, willing to help in any way they could.Brandy Strock candid

I have been in banking for 16 years. I admit, every financial organization I worked for — or competed against — has service standards. Everyone wants to please their clients. What’s interesting is the client experience at each bank isn’t the same.

In the case mentioned above, many bankers aren’t empowered to respond as quickly or as effectively. What’s the difference at First Business? I think it has to do with strategy. Banks can easily set a goal of delivering great client service, but promising something isn’t the same as actually delivering it. If I was required to jump over hurdles to help this client, or to get many more people involved in the decision, or if I had an overwhelming amount of work I’d needed to pause, this type of response wouldn’t be possible. It’s important to have a robust system in place that is truly supportive of excellent client service or you will fall short time after time.

At First Business, our client experience starts with hiring. We hire smart, experienced people, who are passionate about helping others. Going above and beyond for external and internal clients is the norm. We track external and internal client satisfaction and constantly strive for improvements.

The company is supportive of a client-focused culture, which has its roots in entrepreneurism where employees are empowered to do what’s right for the client. It’s even part of our company’s founding Statement of Beliefs.

Team huddle

The Client Service Team that I manage also focuses on the client experience daily. We talk about these expectations in our team huddles, and our monthly one on one meetings to ensure this is top of mind every single day. I regularly leave work proud of something I or a teammate of mine did to help a client through a tough situation.

All companies claim client satisfaction is important, yet few companies really deliver. Does your company have a strategy for client experience, and do they truly deliver for clients? If not, and you’re in the financial industry, I urge you to check out our career openings! First Business is a great place to work.

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