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3 New Year’s Goals to Improve Relationships

With the new year upon us, so many people focus on changing their appearance and health with the ultimate goal of improving their happiness. In fact, estimates show that 45…

Sounding the Labor Shortage Alarm

Sounding the Labor Shortage Alarm

Everywhere I go, everyone is talking about the pervasive labor shortage. Clients ask daily if we know anyone to fill key positions. There are hiring signs in windows in almost…

How One Client Saved My Career

How One Client Saved My Career

Just out of grad school with no practical experience and an MBA in hand, an encounter with a single client at my very first job likely saved my entire career…

fraud prevention

Safe Holiday Shopping Tips 2.0

 As an IT professional at First Business, part of my job is staying on top of ever-changing security challenges and helping our employees to navigate them. As an update to…

financial concierge

What’s A Financial Concierge?

As a Private Banker, I have a lot of fun explaining my career because it looks different every single day, which makes it enjoyable, interesting, and rewarding, but also not…

Building a Longer Table

Building a Longer Table

As people in any industry know, maintaining a consistently high morale when things aren’t going well at work, especially as the holidays approach, can be a challenge. About five years…

thanksgiving meal

Thanksgiving Brings Work Families Closer

Everyone talks about work-life balance and building strong teams, but sometimes maintaining good morale during the holidays can be challenging. This was especially true when I was part of a…

Building Pride in Northeastern Wisconsin

Building Pride in Northeastern Wisconsin

When I was hired at First Business Bank, plans for expanding our Northeast Wisconsin office in Appleton were already in the works and coincided with the addition of new full-service…

Supporting Veteran Entrepreneurs With Funding

Supporting Veteran Entrepreneurs With Funding

I was in grade school during the Vietnam War. One of my classmates, Danny, had an older brother who had been drafted and was serving in combat. One day Danny…

Tech FIRST Blog

Kansas City, Meet Tech FIRST

Like many who live in the Kansas City area, I was aware of the magnitude of our start-up community here. However, I definitely wasn’t prepared for how exhilarating it would…

Golf Charities

Careers that Focus on Giving

There comes a point in almost every college athlete’s life when you have to start believing: “Sports can always be a part of your life, but you need a career…

customer financing for manufacturers

Hidden Benefits of Customer Financing for Manufacturers

I’m sure you’re aware of the school of thought around specialization — be the very best you can be at one specific thing. How successful was Michael Jordan at baseball,…

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