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The Wisconsin Hospital Association, a respected First Business client, was offered the opportunity to purchase the building in which it was a long-time tenant. After due diligence, they decided to pursue it cautiously as they’d never had debt and hadn’t purchased commercial property.

Two business partners are starting a family entertainment center, a start-up franchise location, and they have more than 20 years of local industry experience between them. We we’re able to help these business owners by offering a SBA loan featuring a 10-year amortization, which will help keep fixed operating costs low for increased flexibility for years to come.

The owner of a gas station/convenience store needs to refinance a loan with a large balloon payment. Margins on gas typically are low, and external factors, like road construction, can dramatically impact the business’s cash flow, so it’s considered risky. On top of that, gas tanks present environmental concerns that drive away some lenders.

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