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We are honored to serve our clients in Southeast Wisconsin, where robust, diverse businesses continue to break ground and mark new achievements. Business leaders in Southeast Wisconsin deserve to work with local banking decision makers who are committed to building our community together. Along with a business model that allows us to dedicate more time and expert resources to you, we’re proud to deliver the highest quality attention and banking services to you in Southeast Wisconsin.



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Andrea Wolf is a highly skilled business and finance professional with over ten years of experience working in various roles in commercial lending, investment banking, and sales and marketing. She has led numerous merger and acquisition projects as well as managed sales and marketing functions for different firms. Prior to working at First Business, Andrea worked at Bank Mutual. Andrea holds a Masters in Economics as well as a BA in Economics and Finance from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.  She is CFA Level I certified.

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Time and individual attention are priceless today in financial services. Our First Business experts prioritize your success, and believe that a personal connection with you and your business is an important, long-term investment in your company and your prosperity.


You're an expert in your own finances and goals, but do you know how to reach them without missteps? With a narrow focus on business and high-net-worth individuals, First Business has a wealth of experience, data, strategies, and connections to help you make the best decisions.


Fiscal needs of a cheese maker differ from those of a parts manufacturer — one size does not fit all. Living in your community, we are immersed in the details of our local industries. You benefit from our commitment and history with top-notch industry connections and experience.


Likely you've discovered, too, that concentrating on what your business does well is a steady path to success. Our clients profit from the same outlook at First Business, where we designed focused, refined services solely for business banking and private wealth management.

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