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Successful, highly competitive business owners and high-net-worth individuals often carve out a completely unique niche. In fact, that’s how First Business was founded. As the first bank in the Midwest to focus solely on business, we started small with very few clients — and genuinely listened to their needs, deliberately crafting inventive, individual solutions designed to spur growth.

We all know that bigger isn’t always better, so through the years we’ve grown only when it makes sense. You benefit from our purposefully smaller client list and niche banking model through your access to our individual, attentive planning, innovative vision, and best practices expertise.

Our clients often initially seek business banking, specialty financing, or private wealth strategies, and then experience success, leading them to implement more of our ideas and connect with our resources and services. We strive for multi-faceted, beneficial partnerships, because at First Business, one good thing leads to another.

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Personal Attention

Time and individual attention are priceless today in financial services. Our First Business experts prioritize your success, and believe that a personal connection with you and your business is an important, long-term investment in your company and your prosperity.

Strength of Experience

You're an expert in your own finances and goals, but do you know how to reach them without missteps? With a narrow focus on business and high-net-worth individuals, First Business has a wealth of experience, data, strategies, and connections to help you make the best decisions.

Industry Experts

Fiscal needs of a cheese maker differ from those of a parts manufacturer — one size does not fit all. Living in your community, we are immersed in the details of our local industries. You benefit from our commitment and history with top-notch industry connections and experience.

Focused Services

Likely you've discovered, too, that concentrating on what your business does well is a steady path to success. Our clients profit from the same outlook at First Business, where we designed focused, refined services solely for business banking and private wealth management.

Business Solutions

SBA Lending

In recognition of our long-term commitment to assisting entrepreneurs, First Business was named an SBA-designated Preferred Lending Provider with a proven record of proficiency.

Company Retirement Plan Services

Turn to First Business for experts who not only know your local industry and marketplace, but also your specific needs and goals to create a retirement plan that's right for your employees.

Equipment Finance

Our Equipment Finance experts help you plan for and manage expenses, and develop customized financing strategies crafted with your business, cash flow, and industry in mind.

Commercial Lending

Your growth strategy deserves a financial partner who works quickly and diligently — one who knows your story and is positioned to help you achieve now and in the future.

Asset-Based Lending

Whether your company is growing quickly or suddenly losing financing, First Business Capital Corp. can help you as a reputable, responsive asset-based lending provider.

Treasury Management

We have your next competitive advantage with trustworthy, dependable Treasury Management solutions that offer efficient, secure, and profitable services for you.

Accounts Receivable Financing

First Business Growth Funding converts your accounts receivable into cash with level-headed, quick decisions with a national reputation as a leader client service.

Individual Solutions

Trust and Estate Administration

Preserving your wealth is of utmost importance to us, so we work as your team of experts to help fully realize your estate, business succession, or legacy plans.

Financial Planning

Our experienced team focuses on your personal ambitions to grow and preserve your wealth through every stage of your life with proven financial planning strategies.

Investment Management

Our First Business Investment Management experts have more than 125 years of combined experience and help clients manage more than $1.2 billion.

Private Banking

Our renowned ability to customize our services to your banking needs combine to create a type of concierge-level banking that you won’t find anywhere else.

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