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Ransomware Reporting Checklist

Reporting any ransomware attack (whether it was successful or not) is important to help the FBI stop the fraudsters from inflicting more damage worldwide. If you experience a ransomware or other cybersecurity fraud attack, make sure to include this information…

Success Story

Supporting the Third Fastest-Growing Company in Kansas

Tallgrass Freight, a Kansas City logistics company with impressive growth, started out with a small line of credit at an agricultural-focused bank. A consultant to Tallgrass at the time, David Barnes introduced the company to First Business Bank.


First Business CEO Report

CEO Report 2nd Quarter 2018

Coming off the most robust first quarter of loan growth in company history, we posted another strong showing in the second quarter, increasing loans to $1.595 billion, up 8.0% annualized from $1.563 billion at March 31, 2018 and 9.4% year over year. Download…

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