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Ransomware Reporting Checklist

Reporting any ransomware attack (whether it was successful or not) is important to help the FBI stop the fraudsters from inflicting more damage worldwide. If you experience a ransomware or other cybersecurity fraud attack, make sure to include this information…

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Reduced Risk of Buying a Building

Reduced Risk of Buying a Building

The Wisconsin Hospital Association, a respected First Business client, was offered the opportunity to purchase the building in which it was a long-time tenant. After due diligence, they decided to pursue it cautiously as they’d never had debt and hadn’t purchased commercial property.


Quarterly market review

Quarterly Market Review Q4 2018

This past year was dominated by contradictory news of strong economic and earnings growth on one side and fears of trade wars, slower future growth, and rising interest rates on the other. Despite financial market volatility, annualized GDP growth of…

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