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Enlighten™ – Fall 2019


We’re very proud and excited to bring you this inaugural issue of ENLIGHTEN, our semi-annual publication from First Business Trust & Investments.

In this issue, we’ve collected our experts to discuss popular financial considerations affecting women of all ages. We sat down with Jan Eddy, notable entrepreneur, angel investor, and director on the First Business Financial Services, Inc. Board of Directors. She discusses her experience as a startup executive in tech, how she balanced time between work and home, and why she began investing in fledgling companies.

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If you’ve always wanted to start a business, Jessica Meier, Commercial Banker, shares with you some key considerations and where to look for financing.

Should you or someone you know be considering a divorce, you’ll want to read our timely article outlining how to prepare and what to consider.

Private Banker and Certified Wealth Strategist Amy Schneider discusses how women are financially different from men, from their earning ability, healthcare needs, and retirement. You’ll want to make sure you note her tips for investing and preparing for retirement.

Lastly, Monica Schlicht, Private Banker, discusses how to lower the cost of college. With no end in sight to the rising costs of secondary education, this is critical for parents and grandparents alike.





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