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Business Succession Roadmap Items 2 and 3: Business Valuation/Company Financials and the Owner’s Goals & Concerns

In Part I of our resource, Business Succession: What it Entails & Why it’s Important, we took a high-level view of business succession planning and we looked at the reasons it is important. In Part II, The Importance of Planning for Business Succession, we expanded upon the importance of planning and explored some pitfalls if planning is ignored In Part III, Roadmap to an Effective Business Succession Plan, we identified some key characteristics of successful plans and discussed a roadmap for the succession planning process. In Part IV, “Roadmap Item 1: Determine the Need for Planning,” we introduced a fictional company, the owners, and key players as we started down our business succession planning roadmap.

In this installment, we will continue through that roadmap as we explore business valuations in more detail. We will also dig more into evaluating the owner’s goals and concerns. We will check in with our hypothetical company, CurryBricks, Inc., and its owners, Steph & James, as we join them on their journey through the business succession planning process.


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