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Maintaining your financial independence for the rest of your life is of utmost importance. At First Business, our Financial Planning experts focus on the total outlook of your wealth and assets and make recommendations and adjustments depending on your personal situation. Now that you’ve retired, we can help you with advice about managing expenses and income, investments, estate plans, wills, and surveying your comprehensive financial picture to help achieve your objectives.

After they retire, our clients want to feel confident that they’ve planned for most situations they might encounter for the rest of their lives. Often they have questions like:

• How will market volatility impact my retirement portfolio?

• Will I outlive my money? How can I change course?

• How do I leave money to my children and charities? What are the tax implications for them?

• How do I balance the need for income and growth with a desire for lower risk?

At First Business, your financial autonomy is our priority. Our expertise is listening to our clients, and determining what solutions will best help them for customized wealth preservation.


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