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Legacy planning helps you organize a thoughtful plan to transfer your wealth to the next generation and charities, protecting your values and wishes in the process. Leaving a lasting contribution and impact of your life is important to our clients, and our expertise is listening to you and bringing it all together to make it happen.

Legacy planning is more than just drawing up an estate plan. It’s a process through which we help you design specific plans to ensure your significant desires are achieved. Many of our clients approach this phase of financial planning with questions such as:

• How do I keep the next generation from spending it all?

• How does charitable giving work?

• What are the tax implications for these options?

• Do I have enough to last and how much can I give?

• How do I help my loved ones in tax-efficient ways?

Trust our experienced First Business private wealth experts to consider every last detail when helping you plan your wishes for the future with resourceful suggestions to achieve your intentions for the future.


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