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The Process of Leadership Development

We know we need to be formally developing our people (they want it and we need it!), but day-to-day pressures and partial implementation of “pop” approaches keep us from anything meaningful. Development is a big deal; we want to use the full and improving capabilities of our talent. It’s necessary for us to be competitive two years from now.

But how do we do it? What do we do? The common sense stuff I’m trying right now clearly is inadequate.

The leadership development process really isn’t that hard…but there are two elements we typically don’t know about that will make it very doable. In this podcast, we’ll provide information about those two elements to you, as well as a practical process to follow.
In addition, we’ll take a practical crack at providing you a way to determine the most important behaviors of your culture, the ones that make you successful. When you know them…and every one else knows them, including new recruits, your organization can sing.


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