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Manufacturing is a vital underpinning of the economic health of our communities, providing essential jobs and products to the worldwide market. That’s why we think it’s so important for manufacturers to have access to the latest industry best practices, and why First Business has dedicated countless time and resources over the years supporting the industry.

Members of our Board of Directors have a lifetime of hands-on perspective in manufacturing. In addition, our business experts have a keen understanding of the landscape of manufacturing in our communities and the regional and global financial obstacles. We are ready to help you plan for a profitable future.


This annual expo and conference was created by First Business. It’s a joint effort presented with the NEW Manufacturing Alliance and Insight Publications to provide Wisconsin manufacturers hands-on opportunities to grow their businesses.

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Sponsored by First Business, Manufacturing Matters is an annual WMEP event in Milwaukee. The conference raises public awareness of the vitality, strength, and contributions of the manufacturing sector, and promotes the well-being of manufacturing as essential for a healthy, vibrant economy.

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First Business, along with GPS Education Partners, established an education fund for students interested in manufacturing, creating opportunities for those wanting to participate in the innovative, 21-month program or the new Advanced Manufacturing Certificate Pathway.

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First Business is a proud sponsor of the NEW Manufacturing Alliance, a group of manufacturers working with educational institutions, workforce development boards, chambers of commerce, and state organizations to promote manufacturing in Northeast Wisconsin.

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First Business is a proud sponsor and steering committee member of the Waukesha County Business Alliance. A platform for manufacturers, the Alliance allows them to share ideas, encourages innovation, working together to transform the image of industry and target new talent in Waukesha County.

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