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The Rosenberry Society and First Business: A Success Story Of Young Professionals Giving Back

Written by Tom Dott, Senior Vice President - Commercial Banking

Having had the great opportunity to be involved in the organization of the United Way of Dane County’s Rosenberry Society a number of years back, I’m so thrilled to see the next generation of young professionals here at First Business getting involved with this dynamic organization.Tom Dott Candid

Thinking back to the reasons I initially got involved, there really wasn’t a venue for young people to get engaged and learn about personal philanthropy and community issues. The original Rosenberry Counsel, with the support of United Way, saw an opportunity to create a mechanism that would deliver three major values:

  1. Create awareness of the two major types of philanthropy: Time and Treasure.
  2. Create a venue where young people could network amongst themselves and within their community.
  3. Provide the opportunity for young people to learn about their business community and the needs of its citizens

These same values exist today and offer a unique opportunity for businesses to encourage their employees to join and come away with some meaningful value.

Even though First Business isn’t one of the biggest employers in Dane County, our young professionals have raised the bar by placing First Business in the Top 10 for number of Rosenberry Society members!

Not only does our team take an active role in the group, but our own Matt Karnick, Vice President – Business Development, has taken on a significant leadership role by serving as the current Chair and serving on the Campaign Cabinet. It’s pretty cool to see this group rally around the health and human service needs of our community and find creative ways to give back and pay it forward.

The Rosenberry Society has grown into a significant force over the years with over 1,000 members and accounting for over $800,000 for the annual campaign. In addition, it creates an amazing environment for our community’s young leaders to step up and showcase their leadership talents.

There’s been much talk and several articles written about the younger generations and the challenges they both create and face, but based on the actions and outcomes of the Rosenberry Society and our team of young professionals here at First Business, I’d say the future is very bright!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to learn about the Rosenberry Society, I highly encourage you to take the time to look into it. It’s a great way for companies who support the efforts of United Way to offer up opportunities for their young professionals to get engaged and come away with experiences that will help shape their futures and the future of our community.

So the next time you see one of your young professionals in the hall, give them a fist bump, (Is that still a thing?) and encourage them to get or stay involved with Rosenberry Society!

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