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Making Good on Promises in Kansas City

Written by Rob Barker, President - Kansas City Region

rbarker_candidEarlier this year, we promised “More For You, More for KC” through an ad campaign in the Kansas City area that pledged a respectable CD rate, but also the assurance that we’d use your funds to make loans back to KC-area businesses. You may have seen it in the KC Star, on a postcard, or heard it on the radio. Recently I was thinking about how companies make claims all the time — remember how Red Bull said it would give you “wings”? How often do we brush these off as hyperbolic nonsense? Or, maybe even worse, we just take them for granted and move on, never really discovering if there’s truth behind them.


That’s not what our bank is about. Sometimes we may lose a deal to a bank claiming greater things, only to learn a few weeks later that they failed to follow through. We strive to say what we do and do what we say, so:

  1. we don’t make outrageous claims
  2. we don’t overpromise to our clients or prospects, and
  3. we follow through on our pledges.

We do business with people the way we want people to do business with us – with honesty and as a true team player.  That’s why I wanted to make sure we announced a sample of the wide variety of deals in the past several months in Kansas City and the surrounding areas, helping businesses of all sorts grow in diverse industries from construction to healthcare and everything in between.

Just these past few months, we’ve closed:

  • $10,600,000 – Real estate construction loan – Mixed Use Development
  • $6,500,000 – Real estate loan – Assisted Living Facility
  • $1,000,000 – Real estate and equipment loan – Veterinary Practice
  • $800,000 – Real estate – Manufacturer
  • $742,000 – Commercial loan – Dental Practice
  • $704,000 – Commercial line of credit – Commercial Contractor
  • $500,000 – Commercial loan – Sports Management
  • $250,000 – Commercial line of credit – Medical Practice

Just a quick look at area employment, financial, and business statistics show that our local businesses need these important financial investments to continue to two people shaking handsthrive. Loans we are making now allow businesses to expand, hire, and make a positive impact on our local economy. They are a sound investment in our communities for years and generations to come. The funds you invest in your First Business Bank CD might create the very first job your grandchildren land in high school.

Transparency and truth aren’t flashy, but they are honest, solid, and real. I’m very proud of my team — it’s easy to promise a prospect the moon and the sky, and then later not deliver. We take a different approach, and we hope our clients find it refreshing. We may ask more questions than anyone else, but our level of interest and due diligence is a calculation that allows us to give you better answers more quickly.

If you want to work with a banking partner that values honest communication, transparency, and slogans that are 100% true, join us.

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