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Is This A Goldilocks Economy?

Written by Nancy Johnshoy, CFA, Vice President - Portfolio Manager & Market Strategist

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Goldilocks. She went for a walk in the forest, and soon she came upon a house. The breaking and entering part aside, Goldilocks learns she doesn’t like things too hot, too cold, too soft, or too hard. Analyzing the market and economy every quarter, I’d argue as much about our current economic conditions.njohnshoy

Is global growth too soft and monetary policy too hard?  Have the capital markets priced in “just right”? Our latest Quarterly Market Review dissects various economic indicators and provides the latest relevant information that impacts your wealth decisions.

Unlike the story of Goldilocks, we’re not sure yet how this story will end. The economic expansion is now the longest on record since 1900, and although growth is tempered, we’re still seeing signs that this long economic expansion still has legs.

For more detail on economic performance during the second quarter of 2019, please download our latest First Business Quarterly Market Review.


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