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A Call to Volunteer With Veterans

Growing up, always a storyteller, I invented a story that my father didn’t want to talk about his service in Vietnam because it was too painful. After what we learned…

Distraction is a Blessing in Disguise

Distraction is a Blessing in Disguise

At work, I consider distraction my enemy. (Let me be clear that it’s almost always my own fault.) Like a lot of people, I’m often working on projects that require…

It’s So Easy. Anyone Can Do It.

It’s So Easy. Anyone Can Do It.

Two people in my house — who shall remain anonymous — believe they are the foremost authorities in weather forecasting. Never mind that one is a COO and one is…


Look Beyond Generational Labels

The first time I heard the term “Generation X” I was in college; a professor made a off-hand remark about “the lazy Generation X.” I was taken aback — I…

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