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raindrops on handlebar

The Key to Happiness is No Expectations

Long-time readers will notice that most of my blogs come to me while I’m biking because, well, that’s when I have quiet time to think. I wasn’t able to bike…

the difference is the people

La Tienda The Difference Is The People

Recently I was thinking about the little stores that I’ve seen in Central America and Mexico. Maybe it’s because I’m trying to learn Spanish for the fourth time and things…

typing at keyboard

Breaking Down Goals to Achieve Them

Recently while exercising, I was listening to the Nike podcast “Trained.” One item about breaking down goals really got my attention and I’d like to share my thoughts on it.…

corporate philanthropy

To Give Or Not To Give, That Is The Question. With Corporate Philanthropy, You Get More Than You Give.

I love this time of year. Not just because the weather cools down and football season is underway, but also because something near and dear to my heart is in…

More than an Icebreaker - First Business

More Than An Icebreaker

As the campaign chair for this year’s United Way of Dane County fundraising campaign, I was asked to attend and speak at the first meeting of the Loaned Executives, a…

corey chambas

Sooner is Better — At Work, That Is

Sooner is better, well, just because sooner is better. Many of my blogs apply to both work and personal life, however, just in case my wife is reading this, I…

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes  How Getting Lost Can Change You

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes How Getting Lost Can Change You

Written by Corey Chambas, President & CEO I’m definitely a creature of habit. I ride my bike — on the exact same route — every Saturday and Sunday when The Weather…

Are You Planting Trees?

Are You Planting Trees?

I marvel at old trees. Especially the giant oaks we have around the Madison area. I’m lucky because I get to see them in the country when I’m out biking…

Introduction To Investment Planning

Keep Calm And Supervise On

If you read my blog you know I like to bike. Last weekend I had the same thing happen to me twice. I pull up to a four-way stop and…

Ask, Listen, and Look - How To Make Better Informed Decisions

Ask, Listen, and Look - How To Make Better Informed Decisions

OK, I admit in some ways I’m a dinosaur. I thought I was with it and hip… wait, is “hip” still hip? But I’ve been a banker now for 30…

The Worst Shall Be First - Why You Need To Do The Hardest Thing First

The Worst Shall Be First - Why You Need To Do The Hardest Thing First

When I was 25, I thoroughly analyzed, wrote up, and prepared my very first commercial loan for loan committee. I was confident I had done a good job and was…

meeting at table

Execution Eats Strategy For Lunch

When I started doing this blog, one of my concerns was sharing our “secret sauce” for success, and allowing our competitors in on some of our strategies and tactics. We…

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