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5 Tips for Creating an Effective Travel & Entertainment Policy

5 Tips for Creating an Effective Travel & Entertainment Policy

Travel and entertainment (T&E) spending is an ongoing delicate balance in any organization – from the smallest nonprofits to the largest corporations. Each of them have their own complex set of…

Death, Taxes, and Business Succession Planning

Death, Taxes, and Business Succession Planning

Starting a business from scratch is one of the most challenging endeavors a person can undertake. The risks taken and sacrifices made to grow that business are significant, but with…

Are You Worthy of Word-of-Mouth Advertising?

Are You Worthy of Word-of-Mouth Advertising?

Right around this time last year, I wrote about my experience working with several window contractors to get quotes for replacement windows. One of them stood out because the salesperson…



As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ I’ve always gotten a lot of questions from friends and family about financial issues. Lately, though, the popular topic seems to be the new SECURE…

Enlighten Blog

Make Progress On Your Big Goals This Year with EnlightenTM

I always admire and appreciate the optimistic energy that surrounds each new year. Acknowledging last year’s experiences, creating fresh goals and action plans, and setting off on a positive course…

Stick to a plan

Stick to a Plan! 

It is important to stick to a plan when trying to accomplish a major goal or project, a fact I was able to put to the test this past year…

business strategy

Business Strategy: How to Gain Efficiencies

At this time of year, our company, like many others, focuses on strategic planning, and one of our initiatives relates to ongoing efficiency. When our bank was first founded, some…

small business fraud

Sounding the Alarm on Small Business Fraud

Recently, a survey of small business owners revealed that almost half believe they’re not big enough to be targets of fraud. The reality is businesses of all sizes have become…

Culture & Retention in Manufacturing

Culture & Retention in Manufacturing

With a new year fast approaching, I reached out to a few regional manufacturers to see what was on their minds as they begin to look out to 2020 and…

power of being aware

The Power of Being Aware

I was recently having breakfast with a friend and business associate, and as we were leaving, I commented that it looked like he had lost quite a bit of weight.…

charity gifting guide

The Joy of Giving

 “Receiving is the natural result of giving.” – The Go-Giver, by Bob Burg and John David Mann With the holidays around the corner, this can be a busy time of…

Importance of Giving back

Charity: The Importance of Giving Back

“We make a living not by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill This insightful quote resonates with me because charity is…

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