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Please be vigilant to avoid this new phone fraud scam outlined below. Do not respond to text messages of this sort in any manner — delete them immediately. We will never call or text you for your account number or Social Security Number.

  1. A text message from an unknown person asks you to confirm a purchase, such as, “Did you authorize a purchase for $1,500 at this store? Reply Yes or No”
  2. Responding “No” prompts another text: “Would you like us to call you to resolve this issue?”
  3. After replying “Yes,” you receive a call from a phone number that looks like it’s from your bank, but the number has been spoofed.
  4. The fraudster asks for your Personal Information, such as your Social Security Number, your account number, date of birth, etc. Answering these questions now arms them with everything they need to commit fraud.

As always, best practices to avoid fraud include monitoring your credit card and bank accounts daily for any unusual activity, and reporting suspicious activity to your bank. Additionally, for your peace of mind, you can call us using the phone number on your statement to confirm your latest transactions.

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